Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum (司馬遼太郎記念館)

Architect Tadao Ando designed a museum dedicated to Shiba Ryotaro, a post WW2 author known for his novels based on historical events.

Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum (司馬遼太郎記念館)

A museum in Eastern Osaka (東大阪) designed by Tadao Ando built as a tribute to the life works of Shiba Ryotaro, a journalist and historical writer.

Shiba Ryotaro is most well known for his novel about Sakamoto Ryōma and the Meiji Restoration; an important time in Japanese history when it opened up to the rest of the world and started absorbing western cultures.

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The entrance to the museum
The tall, narrow walkway to the library
Tadao Ando's signature pristine concrete surfaces.
The glass facade
The garden
The 11 metre high (three story) walls of books showcasing roughly a third of Shiba Ryotaro's sixty thousand books collected over his lifetime
Shiba Ryotaro's office which overlooks the garden and sits beside the museum
A building with a shou sugi ban (charred timber) fence and ground floor
A indoor sports centre on the walk back from the museum